Big Sycamore Farm

Decatur TN

Our products

You can find us almost year round at the Brainerd Farmer's Market at the Grace Episcopal Church on Saturday mornings between 10am till 12 noon

Or visit our Little Red Barn Produce Stand on the farm on weekday mornings during the peak season (April - November)

Produce, herbs and berries

It would be impossible to list all the crops we grow. 

Anything and everything you would expect - tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, corn, lettuces and more. 

Plus some really unique things too! Sunchokes, lemon cucumbers, burgundy okra, Asian greens and more.

Herbs - most all culinary herbs

Strawberries, and in the future blue berries, figs, peaches and more

Visit our farm anytime to experience it all!

Eggs & Meat

We have farm fresh brown eggs at the market 

Pork Breakfast Sausage is available several times a year as we butcher hogs 

Pork, Beef and Lamb available as 1/2 and full shares on occasion when we butcher during the year (follow us on Facebook for notifications)

All processing is done at a USDA inspected facility. Custom cut per your instructions.